Poly-carbonate Conservatory Roofing

Poly-carbonate Conservatory Roofing

Save on the cost of conservatory roofing

Poly-carbonate Conservatory RoofingBefore you go ahead and choose a really grand looking & ornate roof for your new conservatory, give a thought to how much of an impact it could have on the overall conservatories costs. By taking a bit of time to consider what material to use in the roof you may save some money.

A modern ‘substitute’ for full glass panels is to use polycarbonate instead, given that it is considerably lighter than glass, using polycarbonate within the double glazed roof sections will reduce the weight of the roof and therefore also reduce the stresses on the rest of the conservatory frames allowing less structural strengthening to be done and possible reducing the cost of the materials needed.

Poly carbonate panels are shatterproof and come in a few different shades, such as Opal & Bronze and could well be a money saving feature for your new conservatory roofing.

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