Composite Garage Doors

Upgrade to Composite or UPVC Garage Doors

The benefits of automatic composite garage doors
  • Simple & secure access
  • Avoid wet & windy conditions
  • Fully automatic doors
  • Existing garage door automation

Composite Garage DoorsAutomation can add an element of luxury to your garage door, You can install new automated doors or can also add automation to your existing door. We offer our automatic garage doors in a range of styles, colours and finishes, so whatever your individual requirements, we will have the ideal option for you. Contact us today to discuss automation and How Much do Composite Doors Cost? with our highly experienced team.

Remote Opening Garage Doors

Remote opening can be the perfect solution to easy and practical garage door use. Remote controlled opening is the ultimate in convenience; imagine never having to get out of your car in the rain again! Give us a call today to discuss your automation options with our highly experienced team.

Safety and Security

Our automated garage doors, as well as providing that little bit of luxury, are also ideal for complete safety and security. All of our automated doors are fitted with obstruction guards, meaning they won’t close if anything is in the way. And because they lock as soon as they are shut, they are always secure against unauthorised access.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

  • Ideal for frequent access
  • Easy access by foot
  • Variety of materials available
  • Made to measure
  • Very low maintenance
  • Ideal for garages lacking headroom

Our comprehensive service includes the supply and installation of side hinged garage doors and, when fitted by a professional team, you can be sure of long-lasting, high quality doors. These doors are particularly useful if you use your garage door for a different purpose as they are easy to access on foot. We offer a variety of styles and finishes of side hinged garage doors, including:

  • Timber side hinged garage doors
  • Steel side hinged garage doors
  • Composite UPVC side hinged garage doors

One of the main benefits of side hinged garage doors is their hinged mechanism, meaning they can be opened in virtual silence. These doors provide the perfect solution for people who use their garage frequently and don’t want noise disruption, as well as for those people who use their garage during unsociable hours. Whatever your individual requirements, we will have the ideal solution for you and our dedicated team at can provide you with quotations.